Support by the local administrative body

Susumu Saruhashi
Industrial Agglomeration Division
Department of Industry and Labor
Akita Prefecture

Akita Prefecture’s corporate support scheme and evaluation of Mitsui Optical

Akita Prefecture Government has its original scheme to support private companies running operations locally here in Akita Prefecture. Mitsui Optical is one of those companies we have been supporting with the scheme. We understand that the Japanese government is also extending support to the company. In our opinion, the fact implies that the company’s advanced technology has been highly evaluated by the Japanese government as well. We also understand that the company’s business plan and philosophy focusing on specific markets and deploying marketing operations at home and abroad attracted attention of the prefectural and national governments. We also understand that the triple-plates prism units Mitsui Optical has developed by leveraging its accumulated technology are quite promising new products.

We believe that Mitsui Optical will continue to open new markets with those promising new products, and hope it will continue to contribute to the development of the local community by creating new jobs as its business operations grow further.

What we expect to Mitsui and other optical device manufacturers in Akita from now on

We are hoping that Mitsui and other optical device manufacturers running operations here in Akita will continue to grow further by making quality products with high added value.

We know that Mitsui Optical boasts product quality ranked at the top class as a manufacturer that continued to focus on prisms since its foundation in 1951. We hope and trust that the company will expand its business with customers at home and abroad further as a unique company having an in-house integrated manufacturing system covering all processes from polishing to bonding.

Mitsui Optical constructed its first factory in Akita City in 1991. Since then, it continued to expand its business with its solid management strategy and advanced technological competence. In 2013, the company decided to increase its capital spending further for developing new products, so Akita Prefectural Government decided to support the scheme together with the governments of Japan and Akita City.

In 2013, the company was recognized as one of local leading companies expected to play important roles for the development of the local economy under the prefectural government’s program for supporting small- and mid-size manufacturing companies operating here. We hope and trust the company will continue to grow further through operations here in Akita.

Susumu Saruhashi
Akita Prefecture

Tatsuro Mitsui
Mitsui Optical Manufacturing

Message from Akita City Government Official

Mitsui Optical’s Akita Factory was established in Akita City (formally called Kawabe Town) in 1990 by utilizing the city’s scheme inviting investment by private companies. Almost 25 years have passed since then. We understand that the high precision optical prisms produced at the factory established in a clean and green area near the Akita Airport are used in many advanced equipment such as remote medical cameras, security/surveillance cameras and broadcast cameras used at TV stations, being highly evaluated by customers at home and abroad. Through its operations, Mitsui Optical has been contributing not only to the development of the industry here in Akita City but also creation of jobs here.

We hope and trust that Mitsui Optical will continue to grow further as a quality prism manufacturer based at Akita and highly evaluated in the worldwide market. We will continue to support Mitsui Optical, together with Akita Prefecture, from such viewpoints as environment improvement, equipment investmentt and employment.